Domain Name Importance

A person who wants to make money online with the help of a business website needs to understand the importance of having a registered domain name. A domain name indicates to visitors of the website that the business owner is someone special. This is an interesting phenomenon because a domain name is very inexpensive to buy. Nevertheless, an individual can find online forum posts in which members post comments about how they cannot afford $5.00 or $10.00 a year for a domain name. It is uncertain whether these persons really do not have any extra money at all in order to buy and register their own domain names or if they simply do not want to spend any money.

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Blogs that do not have their own domain names are not as trustworthy

While it is true that many blogs, some of which are financially successful, use the domain names that are associated with blog hosts or platforms, people who maintain blogs with their own domain names emit more authority to the general reading public. An extremely popular blogger may not need a domain name in order to gain thousands of visitors, but the chances of earning an income from a blog without a domain name are minimal. The affordability of domain names makes ownership attractive choices for many bloggers.

Choose a name that visitors remember

It is important to have a name for a blog or website that is easy to remember. For this reason, many SEO experts recommend that short domain names are better than longer domain names. Although this is a general rule, there are blogs and websites with longer domain names that are highly successful and have top search engine rankings. If the name is unique, people are apt to remember it whether it is short or long. However, many domain names lack originality and sound as though they are merely clones of other names. It is helpful to think about this in relation to the name of a celebrity. Several film stars spell their first names in unusual ways that differ from typical spellings. These atypical renderings of their first names actually serve to help people remember their names because the names stand out in a crowd of mediocrity. Similarly, a domain name needs to have a certain ring to it that resonates with people. A good domain name can serve to remind visitors about the website’s main objective.